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Sort and list things, persons, items

Version 0.8.6
License GPL
Latest update Tuesday, 31-Oct-17 00:17:23 UTC
Download Counter 1896
Developer fischst├Ąbchenbrenner
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Addon type Module
Category Page content
WebsiteBaker Version >= 2.8.3
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"Members" is a very flexible module for managing and sorting persons, things, items.

Members can be used for rankings, part lists, portfolios, menu cards (for restaurants), playlists, lists of participants and many more. You can also use members for special kinds of menus, for example with pictures or gallery-overviews.

A member can have aliases (proxies) and thereby be in more groups - also on different pages.

"Members" can be configured in many different ways. An administrator can set a lot of own adjustments.

Release history

Vers 0.8.6 (jacobi22)
+ fix MYSQL-STRICT-Mode-Problem in install.php (field type text/blob cannot have a default value)
+ fix INSERT in (missing fields)
+ fix INSERT in add_members.php (missing fields)
+ fix Undefined variable: f_memberpage_link in view.php
+ fix encoding & special chars in language/help-De.php
+ change style of the buttons for uniform design

Vers 0.8.5
- remove old continue(0) in files
+ fix mysql_error in files

Vers 0.8.3:
+ fixed some PHP errors.

Vers 0.8.2:
+ bugfixes inside install.php, save_group.php and save_member.php.

Vers 0.8:
+ better picture handling,
+ some more improvments,
+ Drag&Drop sorting (WB 2.8 only)

Vers 0.7:
+ use of WYSIWYG Editors. See the file module_settings.php

Vers 0.6:
+ Minor bugfixes
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