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License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2018-01-12 08:13 UTC
Download Counter 55
Developer Luisehahne
Addon type Complete WB-Packages
Category Full Package
WebsiteBaker Version 2.11.0 (minimum)
PHP Version 5.6

>> Please keep in mind: 2.11.0-RC1 is a release candidate only. Not a final, stable 2.11.0 <<

Test Environment
It was tested under PHP 5.6.x, PHP 7.0.x, PHP 7.1.x, and also PHP 7.2.x, as many web hosts now offer PHP 7.2.x., which was released the end of November 2017.

An upgrade is only possible from WB 2.10.x version. But never from earlier ones versions like 2.8.3.

In addition to changing the standard backend theme (DefaultTheme) and the frontend template (DefaultTemplate) included in the package, well over 600 changes were made. Of course, community wishes which were in the ticket system were also considered.

Probably the most important fix and reason enough to upgrade to 2.11.0,
is a fatal vulnerability in the media management where an attacker is able to clear the entire WebsiteBaker installation.
This possibility can be found in all previous versions.

Another important security fix:
The WB installer has been redesigned and fully secured. By securing an existing installation, overwriting is thereby reliably prevented.

Support for http and https in the installer is also fixed.

User Account Folder (Account)
Due to the newly implemented separation of code and templates, it is possible to create one's own templates for the frontend design instead of the standard templates (frontend login, registration).

Revised rights management
WebsiteBaker includes a powerful, redesigned rights system, that allows you to choose between different modules and control the individual areas in the backend.
Access rights can be assigned at the group level and are accumulative when a user is assigned to multiple user groups.

User management
Entered input is no longer lost if an error message appears.

Flexible forms
With the WebsiteBaker revised form generator, almost all types of web forms can be created, automatically checked, and sent by e-mail.
New is the possibility to export and import fields and layouts, as well as saving them as a file, locally.
This feature is enabled for administrators and groups with settings rights.

News module
The WebsiteBaker News module is part of the core distribution.
It supports multiple news archives and categories, and a revised, moderated commenting system for visitors.

Extended error handling
The already existing error handling in WB 2.10.0 has been extended by a few setting possibilities.
The error reporting setting in the WB options has been re-enabled.
The following settings are possible:
"Switched Off" = No error messages.
"Production Mode" = All error messages are not suppressed by the @error control operator.
"Developer Mode" = Show all error messages, even those with @error control operator.
The error log file is displayed to all administrators.
The error log file can only be deleted by the system administrator.

Multilingual addon has been included in the package and no longer needs to be optionally installed.
Support of hreflang is also possible.

Addons management
install / uninstall with self-explanatory language variables revised.

Revision of the filters
All scripts set with register_modfiles can be set in the output_filter enabled / disabled

Media management
Added extraction of images, including from subfolders, from within zip files.
Extracting zip files, including creating subdirectories according to the structure in the zip files.
Resizing ZIP files according to folder settings.

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