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WebsiteBaker 2.13.1 R103 final

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WebsiteBaker 2.13.1 R103 final

The WebsiteBaker project is pleased to announce the official release of the long-awaited WebsiteBaker 2.13.1. WebsiteBaker Version 2.13.0, which was released a year ago, has been extensively expanded and various reported problems have been eliminated.

License GPL2
Latest add-ons update 2022-04-15 22:00 UTC
Download Counter 805
Addon type Complete WB-Packages
Category Full Package
WebsiteBaker Version 2.13.1 (minimum)
PHP Version 8.0.x

The WebsiteBaker project is pleased to announce the official release of the long-awaited WebsiteBaker 2.13.1. WebsiteBaker Version 2.13.0, which was released a year ago, has been extensively expanded and various reported problems have been eliminated. We encourage everyone to start planning an upgrade to WebsiteBaker 2.13.1. This release officially marks the end of further development of WebsiteBaker 2.13.0!!

Among other things, it is a security release that fixes some security vulnerabilities and contains various bug fixes and improvements.

WebsiteBaker 2.13.1 runs with PHP 7.4.28 up to and including PHP 8.0x. Some adjustments have already been made for PHP 8.1.x. We are working hard on the full customization for PHP 8.1.x

And here is an overview of changes in WebsiteBaker 2.13.1.

An optical and improved technical adjustment of the WebsiteBaker Installer should be mentioned, e.g. preventing incorrect entries.

For the frontend login, registration, user setting (profile), styles (frontend.css) and javascript (frontend.js, frontend_body.js) files are also integrated into the frontend template, as with the modules, in order to be able to adapt the design for the frontend account to your own design.

An update of the template engine Twig version to version 3.3.9 to replace the outdated and inflexible PHPLib template engine with Twig in one of the later WebsiteBaker versions.
Update CKEditor to version 4.18.0 which Security Includes

The update of the PhpMailer class to version 6.6 has brought with it some stricter configuration measures.

Advanced features in Mailer class allow to suppress SSL certificate check when this error occurs SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host (Reason invalid or missing certificates). Keep in mind that security is compromised if opting for this route of suppressing certificate validation.

The WebsiteBaker own form module has been provided with a new spam protection. The time for the spam protection to take effect can now be set individually in minutes.

The General Data Protection Regulation was also taken into account. The retention period of saved entries, if allowed to be saved at all, can be limited in days and the form module will irrevocably and automatically delete the entries from the database as soon as the backend overview page of the form module is called.

The Output_Filter also makes it easier for the user to integrate the ShortUrl Version 4 developed by Ruud. Editing via FTP is no longer necessary, the necessary short.php file is created automatically at the push of a button and can also be deleted again. The option of editing and deleting the .htaccess file is also possible via the output_filter and should only be carried out by experienced users. Using the import function, text modules can also be inserted into an existing .htaccess. The possibility of your own text modules is also provided.

Also, some droplets that are supplied by default have undergone an overhaul and adjustment to PHP 8 and will be automatically updated during the upgrade.

Also new, at the end of some password fields is a small eye icon that you can click after entering the password so that it then displays the password in plain text.

Module developers should seek help and customization information from the development team for internal core changes.

How to install a new WebsiteBaker version 2.13.1

  1. Download the version 16 from the wiki download area, as well as the full package WebsiteBaker 2.13.1

  2. Remove the extension .zip from the This file is an executable unzip.php.

  3. It is no longer necessary to unpack the WebsiteBaker package yourself.

  4. Upload both files via FTP to the desired website (application path) in which WebsiteBaker is to be installed.

  5. In the browser address line, enter the following URL https://domain-name.tld /unzip.php and confirm. The unzip routine starts and is self-explanatory. After unpacking, click on the Backend button and the revised WebsiteBaker Installer will start automatically.

How to upgrade to WebsiteBaker 2.13.1

  1. Basically, the process is identical to the new installation. The only difference is that there is no new installation; WebsiteBaker automatically offers the upgrade after logging into the backend. Remember to back up the website and database beforehand.

  2. An upgrade from older WebsiteBaker installations, preferably from version 2.8.x, has been maintained and is already with version smaller 2.8.x without having to jump from version to version.

  3. An online installer is planned for the future, until then we will soon be available for the upgrade from offer 2 fix files for older versions.

  4. Not yet available, but the next highlight is planned to help quickly with problems. The files in the sub-items listed can be used to fix various package-related issues and/or change the installation status of packages.

    1. The small fix for reported problems and also for new features then also with a changed version or revision number (changed installation status)

    2. The quick fix only for reported fixed problems without features for the final version WebsiteBaker 2.13.1 (unchanged installation status)

With this release, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts and dedication of all the people who have voluntarily given their time to support and promote the WebsiteBaker project. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the development of WebsiteBaker over the years, past and present!

Thank you for using the Content Management System and have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.13.1

Your WebsiteBaker Team

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