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WebsiteBaker 2.13.4 stable

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WebsiteBaker 2.13.4 stable
Version 2.13.4
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2023-08-23 18:12 UTC
Download Counter 538
Developer Luisehahne
Addon type Complete WB-Packages
Category Full Package
WebsiteBaker Version 2.8.x (minimum)
PHP Version 8.0.x-8.2.x

Release history

Changelog Version 2.13.4 23-08-2023
Update CKEditor4 to last Version 4.22.1
Update Twig to Version3.7.0 (2023-07-26)
Update PHPMiler to Version 6.8.0
Add strftime class, Locale-formatted strftime using IntlDateFormatter (PHP 8.1 compatible)
Remove $_Session['GROUP_ID']
Change user.group_id from value 1 == Adminstrator if Group changed to another one
Fix "unserialize(): Error at offset 5 of 71 bytes" mediasettings
Fix several errors posted by hgs and sternchen8875
Update hidden account/frontend.css if no account block is active
Update hidden form/frontend.css if different sections
Fixing the call of all enableAddon in scripts where translate class is used
Adding strftime compatibility package for php>=8.1 A cross-platform alternative to strftime()for when it will be removed from PHP
a simple fix is to add the namespace prior to the function like PHP81_BC\strftime()
Update media management
add button resize_up in media option
animated gifs and transparent png images are basically not changed and keep their size and transparency/animation
1) button not aktive:
Images will be uploaded with their own dimension
2) button aktive:
first try to resize from values of media folder or corresponding media subfolder
if no size values exists in media then images try to resize from base setting
in option general setting otherwise none of uploaded will be resized

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