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OneForAll can define custom fields in the backend and free definable html templates for the frontend output.

License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2018-11-12 14:15 UTC
Download Counter 2564
Developer Christoph Marti (freeSbee)
Addon type Page Module
Category Page content
WebsiteBaker Version 2.12.0 (minimum)
PHP Version 5.6/7
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OneForAll is a WebsiteBaker module that is versatile like a chameleon. It can be installed more than one time on the same WebsiteBaker installation by setting a different module name in the info.php file before upload and installation. Furthermore the module provides a feature to add highly customized pages. On the one hand you can define custom fields in the backend and on the other hand free definable html templates for the frontend output.
By default it provides just one title field and an image upload. Additionally you can add different custom field types. Items can be displayed in an overview and if needed in a corresponding detail page. OneForAll makes use of the Lightbox2 JavaScript to overlay item images on the current page.

See also the snippets for this module

Release history

allowed hyphen in modules name

bugfix save alway itemlink, link should never be empty

add WBReorg to rebuild access files from WBInfo

v2.0.2.x (luisehahne; 08/12/2018)
+ continue fixing all notices which was produced by outdated @
+ Module is ready and working in WB 2.12.1
+ fix onchange textarea content

v2.0.0 (luisehahne; 04/08/2018)
+ fixed all notices which was produced by outdated @
+ Module is installable and working in WB 2.11

v1.0.9.1 (dbs; 10/29/2017)
+ added function to mark items as featured (display them with snippet/droplet oneforall_featureditems anywhere)
+ [upgrade.php] can recreate all ofa accessfiles
+ [save_item.php] replacing WB_URL with media placeholder
+ [modify_item.php] replacing media placeholder with WB_URL
+ added rss.php

VERSION v1.0.9 (Jacobi22; 10/28/2017)
Thanks to dbs for reporting and tests
+ fix for mysql-strict-mode in add_item.php, save_item.php, save_fields.php, upgrade.php
+ fix language variables problem in mode "edit css"
+ replace old, deprecated languages variables in multiple files
+ remove changelog from info.php, because, there is a char limiter to read the infos

VERSION 1.0.8 (09/12/2017)

[upload.php] Changed require() to require_once() for file framework/functions.php (thanks to Norbert Heimsath)
[save_item.php] Changed require() to require_once() for file framework/functions.php (thanks to Norbert Heimsath)
[resize_img.php] Added better support for images taken on mobile devices using exif data 'orientation' (thanks to Ruud)
[save_item.php] Changed the way of item filename creation. The item_id is no longer used unless two names are identical (thanks to Ruud)
[save_item.php] Removed code for image handling - not concerning duplicating items! (thanks to Ruud)

VERSION 1.0.7 (05/30/2017)

Added check to see if there is already a media directory using the module name. Can cause problems when deleting the module (reported by sky writer, thanks to CodeALot)

Bugfix: For items without access file the field link is empty and hence the page access file will be deleted instead of the item access file (reported by dbs, thanks to Ruud)

VERSION 1.0.6 (04/05/2017)
Added Dutch language file (thanks to CodeALot)
Bugfix: Using multiple fields of type wb_link the select options representing the wb page tree have been multiplied with each new field (reported by astricia)
Defining a field type oneforall_link now it is possible to enter either the module directory name as well as the module name as initially defined in the info.php
Added more checks to verify that the entered module name is a oneforall module

VERSION 1.0.5 (03/03/2017)
Fixed warning in PHP 7.1 about a non-numeric value (reported by dbs)
Fixed undefined index when group_id is empty

VERSION 1.0.4 (01/27/2017)
Bugfix: Fixed double opening
tag when there is more than one OneForAll section and an item detail page is viewed (thanks to jacobi22) Added section id to the module wrapper, eg. section id 22: mod_oneforall_wrapp er_22_f (thanks to jacobi22)

VERSION 1.0.3 (01/22/2017)
Added support for the advanced theme WBCE flat
Fixed some hardcoded attributes prefixed with mod_oneforall_[...]
Fixed item scheduling (reported by CodeALot and jacobi22)

VERSION 1.0.2 (01/17/2017)
Improved updating of item access files (thanks to jacobi22)

VERSION 1.0.1 (01/16/2017)
Only update module access files if item detail pages are enabled in config.php
Check for missing item link before creating the access file (reported by jacobi22)
Fixed an issue with the TableSort localisation vars (reported by jacobi22)

VERSION 1.0.0 (01/14/2017)
Fixed generating of multiple database records when uploading an image in chunks (reported by dbs, thanks to Ruud)
Added plupload max file size to the config.php (default is 2MB)
Fixed undefined variable $image_file that broke plupload js (reported by dbs and Boudi)
Fixed interchange of extra field label depending on field type
Added item scheduling: Enable / disable items against a start and end time (suggested by astricia)
Enable scheduling in the config.php file. Experimental, depends on wb constant TIMEZONE which can be buggy
Changed delete field confirmation message to display the field id instead of the field position
Fixed toggling of the button title when enabling/disabling an item of the sortable items table
Added support for multiple oneforall module sections on the same page, including the renamed oneforall module versions (suggested by flipoflip)
Prevent fields from beeing mixed up
Eliminate js and css interferences between oneforall modules by making backend attributes module specific
Added module name converting of the files backend.css and backend.js
Display only one item on oneforall detail pages
Added constant ITEM_SID (item section id) to the access file which helps to assign an item to its original section
Upgrade all module access files and add the constant ITEM_SID

VERSION 0.9.9 (12/03/2016)
Added an image tooltip to the thumbs at the sortable image table
If image was to small for resizing it has not been added to the image table (reported by dbs)

vers 0.9.8 (01.12.2016)
Added hover effect to the newly uploaded images
of the sortable image table to indicate drag&drop
(reported by dbs)

vers 0.9.7 (01.12.2016)
Bugfix: Added trailing backtick to table name on line 213 (reported by dbs)
Bugfix: Groups were not displayed at item detail view (reported by dbs)
Bugfix: When function field_multiselect() is called for the first time it tries to unset a array key which has not been defined
Changed: Removed experimental jquery function to insert item title and a meta description into the html head of every item detail page since Google does not recognize it. Use module SimplePageHead instead.
Bugfix: Changed mysql fields type TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' to TEXT NOT NULL since default values for TEXT and BLOG fields are not allowed (thanks to Ruud)
Changed select options of item mover/duplicater from page_title to menu_title (reported by dbs)
Added Plupload, a multi runtime file uploader (
Added jQuery v1.11.1 and jQuery UI v1.10.2 for better support of Plupload

vers 0.9.5 (10/28/2016)
Bugfix: After unchecking all options of a multiselect or a group of checkboxes, one still remained checked after saving.

vers 0.9.4 (10/12/2016)
Added field types code, multiselect, checkbox, switch and radio.
Field type code must be allowed in config.php due to security reasons.
Added setting to hide item mover.
Added setting to still duplicate items even when item mover is disabled.
Added field meta description for item detail pages. Adds the title and a meta description to the html header of every item detail page using jquery.
Enable/disable item via ajax.
Added sorting of item table by clicking the column headers 'id', 'title' and 'enabled'.
Added drag&drop sorting to the item images.
Added drag&drop sorting to the fields table.
Improved image resizing: png images will no longer be converted to jpg images. png images and thumbs now will be saved as png images.
Added css styling to the switches, checkboxes and radio buttons of the item table.
If "Hide image settings and upload" is checked, no media directory will be generated. Only works, if the option is checked in all module sections.
Updated Lightbox2 to v2.8.2 (responsive slideshow).
Changed js method to set the Lightbox2 options.
Moved css definitions of Lightbox2 to file frontend.css.

… and other minor bugfixes and improvements. See the full list in the info.php file.

v0.8 (Christoph Marti; 10/06/2015)
+ Added drag&drop sorting to the item table

v0.7 (Christoph Marti; 09/27/2015)
+ [search.php] Bugfix: Fixed search script that produced multiple identical search results (reported by instantflorian)
+ [FR.php] Added french language file
+ [upgrade.php] Bugfix: Fixed renaming of module on upgrade

v0.6 (Christoph Marti; 09/13/2015)
+ Bugfix: Added backticks to unquoted mysql table names since hyphens are not accepted in unquoted identifiers
(reported by dbs)

v0.5 (Christoph Marti; 05/29/2015)
+ [config.php] Added option to set wysiwyg editor to full width (both columns = 100%) (suggested by dbs)
+ [install.php] Bugfix: On manual installation allow installation even though
the uploaded directory name is identical to the new module directory name (compares lowercase)
+ [modify.php] Order items in the backend by position based on config.php setting
+ [modify.php] Fixed up and down arrows depending on ordering
+ [save_item.php] Bugfix: When incrementing the image position and the item had no image yet,
db function returned NULL instead of 0
+ [view_item.php] Bugfix: Fixed pagination if items are ordered by position descending
+ [backend.js] Bugfix: Fixed jQuery function to sinc selected file with file link or preview thumb
+ [save_item.php] Bugfix: Under certain circumstances false images have been deleted (reported by Boudi)
+ [modify_fields.php] Bugfix: Added localisation of "Add new fields"
+ Added new field type oneforall_link (module name of renamed OneForAll module must be provided)
+ Added new field type foldergallery_link (section id(s) can be specified as csv)
+ Added new field type upload (target subdirectory of media must be specified as a path)
+ [view_overview.php] Added «None found» message if no active item is found

v0.4 (Christoph Marti; 02/06/2015)
+ [save_item.php] Bugfix: If png image file is not resized keep jpg file extension
+ [functions.php] Bugfix: Field wb_link now allows to select sibling as well as ancestor pages
+ Changed general placeholder [EMAIL] to [USER_EMAIL] to prevent conflicts with customized email field
+ [save_field.php] Bugfix: Prevent conflicts between customized field names and general placeholders
+ [functions.php] Bugfix: Fixed fatal error "Cannot redeclare show_wysiwyg_editor()"
when using more than one wysiwyg editor (reported by instantflorian)
+ [view_overview.php, view_item.php] Bugfix: Fixed shifted option of field type select (reported by instantflorian)

v0.3 (Christoph Marti; 01/22/2015)
+ Fixed some warnings which were thrown when no fields had been defined (reported by BlackBird)
+ [save_item.php] Bugfix: When saving a new item, the page access file still was deleted by mistake
+ [config.php] Added option to deactivate item detail pages and suspend corresponding access files (suggested by jacobi22)
+ Added field type group. Items are grouped on the overview page. (suggested by jacobi22)
Note: Just one group field allowed!
[config.php] Also see group settings for headers and ordering at config.php

v0.2 (Christoph Marti; 12/31/2014)
Thanks a lot for testing, bug reports and further feedback to fischstäbchenbrenner and jacobi22
+ Bugfix: Various small fixes for PHP 5.3
+ Changed: OneForAll now sets a default item title if user has left it blank
+ Bugfix: Fixed PHP include pathes using dirname(__FILE__)
+ [modify.php] Bugfix: Display settings to admin only
+ [view_overview.php] Bugfix: If an item field is empty, prevent field data of previous items to be displayed
+ [delete_item.php] Bugfix: Fixed fatal error when deleting an item
+ [delete_item.php] Bugfix: When deleting an item also delete the corresponding item fields
+ Added various $admin->add_slashes() and stripslashes()
+ [modify_fields.php] Checkbox "sync_type_template" is now checked by default and saved in the session
+ [view_overview.php and view_item.php] Bugfix: Display instead of droplet id
+ [save_item.php] Bugfix: When saving an item, occasionally the page access file was deleted wrongly
+ [install.php] Changed: Made renaming of the module optional

v0.1 (Christoph Marti; 12/19/2014)
+ Initial release of OneForAll
+ OneForAll is based on the module Showcase v0.5

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