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F.A.Q. or Glossary Baker

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F.A.Q. or Glossary Baker

A simple Frequently Asked Questions or glossary manager.

Version 2.2.0
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2023-03-16 12:44 UTC
Download Counter 1792
Developer Jacobi22,Craig Rodway, Rob Smith, Matthias Gallas, ploc, thorn, doc
Addon type Page Module
Category Page content
WebsiteBaker Version 2.13 (minimum)
PHP Version 8.0 | 8.2
MySQL Version 5.x
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This addon can be used as FAQ module or as glossary. Please set this in the module settings first, it primarily determines the selection of the output template.
The output template for a glossary has an A-Z link list, which links from the respective letter to the corresponding definitions. It is recommended to name the categories with the corresponding letters (A, B, C, etc.).

Release history

* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* 2.2.0 (jacobi22: 16.03.2023)
+ correct typofix in (thx to hgs for report)

* 2.1.9 (jacobi22: 16.03.2023)
+ change methode, to bind language variables in twig (thx to paulchen for report)

* 2.1.8 (jacobi22: 14.03.2023)
+ move rename-function into
+ repair wrong css in frontend

* 2.1.7 (jacobi22: 14.03.2023)
+ fix some upgrade-problem in install-upgrade.sql.php

* 2.1.6 (jacobi22: 11.03.2023)
+ multiple changes for latest wb-version & php 8.2.x
+ add template- and CSS-editor

* 2.1.5 (jacobi22: 06.04.2022)
+ add support for php 8.x and WB 2.13.1 and higher
+ add support for a glossar
+ fix order function in lists

* 2.1.4 (jacobi22: 29.11.2021)
+ add multiple sections support
+ add keyword-support

* 2.1.3 (jacobi22: 01.11.2021)
+ fix deinstall of templates-table in database
+ add language support for calendar
+ fix UpdateKeyValue in init.php

* 2.1.2 (jacobi22: 13.08.2021)
+ fix case-sensitive filename in modify.twig (thx to paulchen for report)
+ change some css-styles after core-changes in WB 2.13
+ fix wrong include-link in some files (backslash vs Slash)
+ fix install of default twig template
+ change some text messages
+ add english translation

* 2.1.1 (jacobi22: 04.06.2021)
+ declared as stable version
+ add some backlinks on subpages

* 2.1.0-dev4 (jacobi22: 02.01.2019)
+ fix list error in Question-Overview (loop not closed)
+ fix some logical errors to show editor

* 2.1.0-dev3 (jacobi22: 23.12.2018)
+ add Template-Editor and Template-Settings
+ add Permalink to frontend target with anchor

* 2.1.0-dev2 (jacobi22: 19.12.2018)
* - remove Position-Field from Output - make no sense on this place
* + add english translation in localisation.js and EN.php
* + fix some notices in ajax.php / use wrong variable name for sort function
* + fix some small output's for the editor's-name & time in AddNewQuest
* + some styling changes

* 2.1.0-dev1 (jacobi22: 17.12.2018)
* + add Drag&Drop for Item Positions
* + change module version to 2.1.0-dev1 to overtop the actual addon version in wb-addons

* 2.0.0-dev2 (jacobi22: 30.11.2018)
* + add Drag&Drop for Cat Positions

* 2.0.0-dev1 (jacobi22: 29.11.2018)
* + initial release of the module in modern programing
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Whats New (dbs, 2018/09/20)
+ Fixed Notice wb->preprocess in view.php line 100/132

Whats New (thorn, doc, 2007/08/24)
- Some fixes for UTF-8 and umlauts-handling.
- bugfix: under some circumstances it was possible to add a question without a category, with the result,
that this question couldn't be edited or deleted anymore.
- some more fixes to consider magic quotes settings in php.ini:
replaced stripslashes() with the WB function strip_slashes()
replaced addslashes() with the WB function add_slashes()
- fix: replaced preg_replace() by strtr() in view.php, because preg_replace() can't handle '$' in cat/question-string.

Whats New (Ploc 2007/08/20 plub2007(at)acampado(dot)net)
+ Added french language file.

Whats New (Ploc 2007/08/11 plub2007(at)acampado(dot)net)
+ Added stripslashes that were missing since the adding of addslashes.

Whats New (Robert Joseph 2007/05/25 websitebaker(at)vizmotion(dot)com)
+ Added addslashes to the saving of questions, answers and categories. This allows
questions and answers to have ' in them.

Whats New (Rob Smith 2006/11/08)
+ Fixed special chars problem in answers when HTMLArea is used

Whats New (Matthias Gallas 2006/11/08)
+ Fixed missing back to top link
+ Fixed special chars problem in answers

Whats New (Matthias Gallas 2006/11/05)
+ Added Questions and answers are searchable now
+ Added multilanguage support
+ Added german language file
+ Fixed all Copyright notices
+ Fixed old entries in the info.php
+ Fixed install script now supports MySql5 strict mode
+ Fixed categories with no names couldn't be stored anymore
+ Changed the whole layout of the Modify windows
+ Changed Minor changes in the view.php for header and footer

Whats New (RobSmith 2006/10/08)
+ Corrections to make it support multiple sections within a single site
+ WYSIWYG Addition

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