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Create a contact form on your website with just a few clicks

Version 0.15.1
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2019-07-18 15:45 UTC
Download Counter 3830
Developer Ruud/Dev4me
Developer Homepage Click here to visit
Documentation Url Click here to visit
Addon type Module
Category Forms
WebsiteBaker Version 2.10.x (minimum)
PHP Version 7.1.x
Forum Discussion (EN) Click here to visit

The Miniform module allows you to use a predefined template to create a nice contectform for your website.
Just a few settings are needed to have a contactform up and running

Release history

- fixed undocumented change in Captcha handling in WB2.12.2+

- fixed bug when quotes are used in values

v 0.14.0
- Fixed file upload problem on IOS
- Fixed too much cleaning of data between { } (causing javascript problems) - Thnx dbs

v 0.13.0
- fixed Ajax caching problem on IOS
- added field REFERER to be used in email templates

v 0.12.0
- option to "not" save data in the server database (privacy!)
- option to send confirmation mail to logged-in visitor

v 0.11.0
- added Ajax form submissions

v 0.10.0
- added the possibility to load your template directly from the form-creator website
+ edit your loaded template at a later time
- bugfixes for special characters

v 0.9.1
- Improved SMTP sending (disabled phpmailer SMTPAutoTLS)
- SMTP allows self signed certificate in PHP5.6
- Frontend reporting SMTP errors when sending failed
- Fixed wrong extra data in email template

- added functionality for google reCaptcha

- fixed bug in template editor
- upgrading will keep existing templates and frontend.css
- improved cleaning of unused templatefields
- direct link to formcreator when in template editor

Added multiple linked forms possibility
Added fileupload possibility
Added the possibility for multiple forms on a single page
Completely rewritten form handler with better detection of required fields
Multiple responsive demo templates
Now uses mail settings in WB (phpMail/smtp)
Fixed remember checkbox problem
without templates and stylesheets
Use this one to upgrade if you have modified templates and/or frontend.css
Added ASP protection (if set in the admintool)
Added CAPTCHA. (just include in the template to activate)
Added German languagefile (thanks to Stefek)
Initial release.

Last change 2019-07-18 15:45 UTC by dbs