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WebsiteBaker-2_12_1 stable (zip)

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WebsiteBaker-2_12_1 stable (zip)
Version 2.12.1
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2018-11-20 18:13 UTC
Download Counter 3894
Developer Luisehahne
Addon type Complete WB-Packages
Category Undefined
WebsiteBaker Version 2.8.3 - 2.12.0 (minimum)
PHP Version 5.6 / 7.x

We are pleased to announce today the stable version 2.12.1 of WebsiteBaker!

WB-2.12.1 is the successor version of 2.12.0. It is a complete package and
contains everything that has been published in the context of the 2.12.0
An upgrade is possible from all of the 2.8.3 versions. But never from earlier ones before 2.8.3.

Download from our Add-on Repository
- WebsiteBaker-2_12_1.zipor as WebsiteBaker-2_12_1.tar.gz
- WebsiteBaker Unzip File (

Install and upgrade instructions
Please have a look into the file /DOCU/README.EN which is delivered with the downloaded package.

Short version:
- make a backup of all files and the database (!important)

 +Recommanded way: (fast & safe)
  1. download WB ZIP package &
  2. rename to unzip.php
  3. upload WB ZIP package & unzip.php to your WB root folder (where the config.php is located)
  4. run unzip.php in your browser ( (please replace with your own domain)
  5. login in your backend as Super-Admin (admin with id 1) and run upgrade-script via upgrade link or via wb-info panel (i-button)
The unzip.php and the WB ZIP delete themselves after the successful execution of the unzip.php.
This way is fast and we plan in WB 2.13 a easier way, so this unzip.php is
only for the 2.12.x versions (therefore we set it to deprecated)

 +Alternative way: (slow & oldscool)

  1. download WB ZIP package & unpack
  2. upload via FTP (overwrite existing files!)
  3. login as Super-Admin (ID 1)
  4. start upgrade script

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.12.1
The WebsiteBaker team


Release history

Changelog since Version 2.12.0 (most important changes)

  • Upgrade now possible from any WB 2.8.3 version to 2.12.1
  • Bugfixes posted by forum users, (e.g. password too short or bin/replace error)
  • More checks and changes for php 7.x compatibility without loosing backwardcompability to older add-ons
  • Changed some mysqli statements to strict mode
  • Added flags in languages dropdown boxes
  • the WB installation process is now prevented if the PHP version is lower than 5.6.
  • No longer in the package, the core will creating this directories and files himself:
    /pages, /media, /temp, /var/log and config.php
  • Displays now a hint if modules are not longer installed, but registered (without WebsiteBaker crashing).
  • User-created files (frontend_user.css and backend_user.css) will not be overwritten by core (frontend/backend.css will then not used)
  • Upgrade Twig to Version 1.3.6, added Version 2.4.5
    Choosing the Twig version 1 or 2 under server settings
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.4 and added Version 3.3.1
  • Select the jQuery version under server settings, users can add more jQuery versions that never will be removed by the core
  • New creation of access files extended
  • Rebuilding all access files from any add-on that creates access files without changing the add-on code (only required an optional script WBReorg).
  • Replacement of the dialog- and hint windows with more options by a new plugin.
  • Upgrading CKeditor to version 4.11.1
  • fixed: now again after 3 times invalid login attemps the login is locked untill the wb session cookie was deleted or the browser was closed
  • correcting datastructures for directory listing in media management
  • Adjustments to the backend theme (e.g. uniform icons in the top menu)

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