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ProCalendar v1.8.0

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ProCalendar v1.8.0

Event calendar, based on MyCalendar by Burkhard Hekers (that was based on Calendar Module from David Ilicz Klementa)

Version 1.8.0
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2022-09-26 16:43 UTC
Download Counter 2243
Developer Luisehahne
Addon type Page Module
Category Calendars
WebsiteBaker Version 2.13.0 (minimum)
PHP Version 7.4 - 8.1
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Release history

version 1.7.7 2022-03-09
version 1.4.3 2018-07-06
version 1.4.0 dev31 2018-03-04
different small fixes

version 1.3.14 22.02.2017
make it WB 2.10.x ready

version 1.3.7 29.11.2015
! Line 372 in save.php uncommented because it comes to memory overflow in many records. THX to marmot

version 1.3.6 25.11.2015
! again show correct date on details view (thx to ichmusshierweg)
! some code cleaning

version 1.3.5 26.09.2015
! field enddate stays hidden also on rec series if "only use startdate" option is selected
! show correct date on details view (reported bei Tomno339 at,28423.msg200586.html#msg200586)

version 1.3.4 01.07.2015
! rec monthly events: no more missing dates on seies which last over more than one calendar year; first date can be at start date;
(thanks for reporting to Tomno399 @,28423.msg199017.html#msg199017)
! error in upgrade.php (reported and fixed by dbs,27782.msg193372.html#msg193372)
! end time is no longer set for date series with fixed number of dates or infinite series (reported by dbs,27782.msg193372.html#msg193372)

version 1.3.3 10.08.2014
! fourth criteria on rec events now working
! past start date does no longer create date range when startdate only option is selected
+ current day gets class procal_today now
! details view back link ist browser history back now (makes sense for usage in droplets)

version 1.3.2 19.02.2014
! changed css classname to make procal work in wb 2.8.4

version 1.3.1 09.05.2013
! some notices fixed
+ kat id is shown on options page in categorie dropdown (might help using droplets)

version 1.3 27.02.2013
! notice message when not category is set
! problems when module or droplet is used on muliple sections on the same page

version 1.3 17.05.2012
! fixed a problem regarding endtime used in recurring events
+ added possibility for easy overwriting individual events of a date series

version 1.3 01.04.2012
! fixed an include path error to mColorPicer which was introduced in version 1.2
+ added recurring date support and therefore added some fields in actions table and new file modify_recurrent_inc.php

version 1.2 22.03.2012
! fixed some format problems with year and month navigation by putting them in the same table field (functions.php, frontend.css, backend.css
- deleted some $colcount stuff, isn't used as colcount counts rows and not columns (functions.php)
+ added color support for categories by using an adapted version of mColorPicker, thanks to (new directory "images", fields "format" and "format_days" in eventgrups table)
+ added upgrade.php

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