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Enhanched Aggregator

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Enhanched Aggregator

Make a 'list' or 'catalogue' of any page('s) on your website. Enhanched Aggregator can even create a thumbnail or extract a page summary

Version 1.22
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2012-09-08 13:00 UTC
Download Counter 1306
Developer Paul - Westhouse IT
Addon type Module
Category Page content
WebsiteBaker Version 2.13 (minimum)
PHP Version php 7.4 | 8
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Make a 'list' or 'catalogue' of different pages from around your website.
Select different pages and sort the order.

You can even let Enhanched Aggregator create thumbnails for you or extract a page summary from the pages.

Release history

Version 1.23 (Forummember Marmot; 21.05.2012)
  • Changed pagination to group items

Version 1.22 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 21.04.2011)
  • Bugfix: Wrong path in call to jquery-min.js

Version 1.21 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 22.03.2011)
  • added summary class to


Version 1.20 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 21.03.2011)
  • improved manual page selection usability
  • added ability to manually sort selected list of pages

Version 1.11 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 15.03.2011)
  • removed debug code that was accidently left in

Version 1.10 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 14.03.2011)
  • module renamed to Enhanced Aggregator for better clarity, directory changed.
  • added ability to manually select aggregated pages

Version 1.00 (Paul van der Westhuizen; 17.08.2010)
  • initial release of the Enhanced Aggregator module
  • based on v1.4 of the aggregator module

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