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Code 2

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Code 2

This module is an enhanced version of the core modul code.

Version 2.2.18
License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2020-12-02 22:43 UTC
Download Counter 3185
Developer Martin Hecht (and more)
Addon type Module
Category Page content
WebsiteBaker Version 2.8.3 | 2.12.x (minimum)
PHP Version 5.6 | 7.x
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This module is an enhanced version of the core modul code. It can be used to add not only php code, but also html, javascript code or internal comments.
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Release history

2.2.18 2020-11-23
- remove MYSQL_ASSOC

2.2.17 2018-12-12
- fix frontend error "unknown type", thanks to florian

2.2.16 2018-12-09
- add checkbox to disable highlighting for performance reasons

2.2.15 2018-10-12
- include if class Template is not available

2.2.14 2018-04-13
- fix brackets in the previous commit

2.2.13 2018-04-12
- call preprocess only if the method exists, thanks to dbs

2.2.12 2018-02-22
-fix layout issue in modify.htt (thanks to florian)
-change redirects upon illegal access to standard wb behavior
-avoid eval() like code_without_evil does
- _replace double index language file usage (thanks to Uwe)

2.2.11 2017-04-25
-revert the previous change (it simply was wrong)

2.2.10 2017-03-09
-properly escape single quotes (thanks to FS72)

2.2.9 2016-03-23
-fix html special char notation for acute accents

2.2.8 2016-03-22
-realign code: wrap long lines and set tab width=4

2.2.7 2016-01-27
-fix French language file

-move css includes for codemirror from modify.htt to backend.css

- added automatic mode
- re-added error handling for inststall procedure
- improved wrapping of long lines without spaces
-added missing double quotes in modify.htt

- re-introduced small and large boxes,
- introduced wrapping of long lines,
- fixed problems with multiple instances on one page
- clean up some unused files in codemirror
- made css height consistent

- another hotfix in install

- hot fixes: forgot quotes in lang files and fixed a typo in install and corrected case statements in backend.js

- clean up installer and modify and lang-files
- increased font size
- sanitize save and view
- added French and Italian language support

- add syntax highlighting

- small bugfix in admin

- fixed a mysql_strict problem is add.php

- Add FTAN-Check inside save.php again and correct the header issue to make it run again under "single-tab-mode" (modification by Martin Hecht), thanks to jacobi22 for hints about this issue

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