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WB approved Page Module


Show an overview and details of concerts

License GPL
Latest add-ons update 2024-01-10 06:56 UTC
Download Counter 2820
Developer Bennie Wijs, Matthias Gallas, Rob Smith, Marc Geldon, Ploc, Andre Rauer, dbs, Marmot
Addon type Page Module
Category Calendars
WebsiteBaker Version 2.13.0 (minimum)
PHP Version 8.x
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The Concert Calendar will show upcoming concerts and past concerts. A toggle function reveals the description. Fields like Place, Club, Time and Price can be added. Some fields can be customized (toggle or not, number of concerts listed, archive or not, etc.).

Release history

v3.0.2.1 - 06. Oct 2023 - dbs
change getUserId in save_concert
remove depricated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING in save_concert ln 78
2.5.1 (20180921)
! fixed some language indexes in save_concert.php & save_set.php
- removed $wb->preprocess in view.php
+ added css rules for the backend date fields in backend.css

2.5 (20160220)
+ accepts parmaeter id=#concert_ to open a determined concert on load (requested by boudi:,13792.msg203323.html#msg203323)

2.4 (20150212)
! update for wb283 SP3

2.3 (20140423)
+ one click copy concert
+ dayname behind date

2.2 (20130106)
! fixed security issue
! fixed notices concerning deprecated split() and others
+ added possibility to leave description blank
+ added "show details" arrow (can be hidden with class "cc_arrow")

Last change 2024-01-10 06:56 UTC by Harald Spring