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mpForm - Multi Purpose Form Module

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mpForm - Multi Purpose Form Module

This module allows you to create customised online forms with WebsiteBaker CMS. It has expanded features compared to WebsiteBakers Core Module (which is shipped with the WB installation).

Version 1.3.39
License GNU/GPL
Latest add-ons update 2021-11-08 21:52 UTC
Download Counter 8103
Developer Frank Heyne, NorHei, Christian M. Stefan (Stefek), Martin Hecht
Developer Homepage Click here to visit
Addon type Module
Category Forms
WebsiteBaker Version 2.12.x (minimum)
PHP Version 7.4
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With the mpForm module for WebsiteBaker CMS it's even possible to create multiple page forms.

You can specify different (several) email addresses where the submitted forms should go to after submission.

Specify CC and BCC reciepients.
Since Version 1.1.0 many Ajax helpers were applied to speed up the process of creating forms with this module.

Release history

*** 1.3.39 (Martin Hecht: 08-Nov-2021)
trim surrounding spaces from email address field (request by Maarten)
rearrange processing of email address field
fix droplet injection in case email filter is active
fix style issue with Nexus Reponsive template (thanks to berny)

*** 1.3.38 (Martin Hecht: 15-Oct-2021)
support new phpmailer location in WB 2.13
do not add IP address by default
fix export with different separators than comma
allow to specify line separator (including line ending) for csv export
correctly replace line endings in htmlmessage, thanks to florian

*** 1.3.37 (Martin Hecht: 24-Mar-2021)
fix two array to string conversions in paintform
make export of sumissions more stable with respect to field indices
suppress warning when saving settings with email from name settings
fix warnings about internal quoting function
support export of selected submissions
support deleting selected submissions
make export more stable with old results table data structure
insert submission_id in results table during import and when submitting
add possibility to change separator for csv file in export

*** 1.3.36 (Martin Hecht: 29-Dec-2020)
allow email receipients to be a required field

*** 1.3.35 (Martin Hecht: 03-Jun-2020)
another fix to the previous versions (thanks to freesbee)
fix a warning in the backend (thanks to florian)
improve layout of the backend: enlarge background picture
update documentation about place holders in email template

*** 1.3.34 (Martin Hecht: 29-May-2020)
fix typo in previous version (thanks to florian)

*** 1.3.33 (Martin Hecht: 28-May-2020)
replace {FIELD1}... placeholders in email body
added backticks in row 154 (thanks to Bianka)
table mod_captcha_control no longer exists in wbce (thanks to Bianka)

*** 1.3.32 (Martin Hecht: 06-Jul-2019) ***
correctly display submission time in backend
support new captcha form of wb 2.12.2
delete records from results table, too when ajax is active

*** 1.3.28 (Martin Hecht: 08-Feb-2019) ***
for fraggy: put table captions above the tables in the settings table (thanks to ice)
add required option to required date fields (thanks to jacobi22)
add an advanced option if upload of multiple files per field is allowed (feature request by Hansi)
correct URLs that use icons (thanks to jacobi22)
add a fallback for SCRIPT_NAME in case this is not set

*** 1.3.26 (Martin Hecht: 23-Jan-2019) ***
put required attribute into required input fields (thanks to dbs)
write file names correctly to results table when correcting an upload error (thanks again to hansi)

*** 1.3.25 (Martin Hecht: 15-Jan-2019) ***
replace module_header_footer by core function of admin class
support writing multiple file names to results table

*** 1.3.24 (Martin Hecht: 27-Dec-2018) ***
- updated pear and its http_upload class (thanks to dbs)

*** 1.3.23 (Martin Hecht: 10-Oct-2018) ***
- add an FAQ entry how to disable storage of entries in the database
- if the template class does not exist, include
- allow email and email subject to be required fields

*** 1.3.22 (Martin Hecht: 12-Apr-2018) ***
- correct the behavior for including module css

*** 1.3.21 (Martin Hecht: 18-Mar-2018) ***
It contains the following fixes and improvements:
correctly restore selected option fields containing commata from the session, thanks to jonas
correct the documentation about enforcing choices by the user
added hints about how to avoid storing submitted data (thanks to ice)

*** 1.3.20 (Martin Hecht: 22-Feb-2018) ***
fix typo in Dutch language file, thanks to jacobi22

*** 1.3.19 (Martin Hecht: 21-Feb-2018) **
do not store entries in submissions table when template is left
correctly clean up results table when limit of entries is reached
allow moving options up and down (thanks to jonas for this suggestion)
updated documentation, mainly appended faq

*** 1.3.18 (Martin Hecht: 08-Feb-2018) ***
correct the anchor issue once more, (thanks to dbs and bernd)
enforce the presence of section anchors in view.php by default
allow a fallback to internal form id as anchor
fix an escaping issue with HELPTXT, (thanks to jonas)

*** 1.3.17 (Martin Hecht: 07-Feb-2018) ***
correct the debugging behavior when skipping idkeys (thanks to Guenther)
fix French launguage file (thanks to jacobi22)
fixed section anchor in paintform.php (thanks to jacobi22 and dbs)

*** 1.3.16 (Martin Hecht: 08-Jan-2018) ***
updade the array indices that refer to the global language files, thanks to hgs

*** 1.3.15 (Martin Hecht: 09-Dec-2017) ***
another correction to how email filter settings are treated in WBCE and
check for empty string-values of required fields and block them as invalid choice

*** 1.3.14 (Martin Hecht: 17-Nov-2017) ***
fix syntax error introduced by the previous commit, thanks to janko
*** 1.3.13 (Martin Hecht: 6-Nov-2017) ***
forgot to commit "fix submitted_when in session", reported by Norhei

*** 1.3.12 (Martin Hecht: 4-Nov-2017) ***
add three more constants to disable plausibility checks for debugging
rework inclusion of filter settings (thanks to Norhei, fixes #6 by florian)

*** 1.3.11 (Martin Hecht: 17-Oct-2017) ***
add option to select server email for sender email
by default use this new option when creating a new form
update documentation and sample forms
correctly assign css for site owner and for user mails (thanks to florian)
for headings add the possibility to suppress them in the mails (request by blitzliht12)
introduce css classes depending on the field type also in the confirmation mails

*** 1.3.10 (Martin Hecht: 27-Sep-2017) ***
inserted a missing space in paintform, (thanks to gitFrank, #4)
do not unneccessarily block Ok button when adding new fields (thanks to florian)
in upgrade.php ensure that TP_MPFORM is defined and sensible (thanks to ronja)

*** 1.3.9 (Martin Hecht: 30-Mar-2017) ***
removed an extra backslash in constants.php
removed obsolete HELP from lang files and causes trouble with WB 2.10.x

*** 1.3.8 (Martin Hecht: 5-Mar-2017) ***
use field title in CSV in export_submissions.php (thanks to Bluewind, #3)

*** 1.3.7 (Martin Hecht: 17-Feb-2017) ***
improve error messages in case of generic security access violations
fix syntax error in a few language files (thanks to jacobi22)

*** 1.3.6 (Martin Hecht: 09-Feb-2017) ***
Hotfix: remove duplicate closing brace in evalform (thanks to jacobi22)

*** 1.3.5 (Martin Hecht: 08-Feb-2017) ***
in DEBUG mode enable verbose logging for smtp
introduce backend css class mod_mpform_button to avoid style collsions
added constants to control handling of security checks for easier debugging

*** 1.3.4 (Martin Hecht: 30-Jan-2017) ***
allow use of {TEMPLATE} place holders in notification mails (request by gottfried)
implement css for mails (to site owner and to submitter)
fix warning in disabled file upload fields (thanks to dbs for reporting)
fix warning when saving fields

*** 1.3.3 (Martin Hecht: 19-Dec-2016) ***
fix the local template so that indeed all place holders are allowed there
introduce {TEMPLATE1} ... {TEMPLATE9} for a single line of the local template
correctly decode html special charcacters for html emails (thanks to astrid)
allow to specify success_email_from by field or by logged on user (astrid)
for consitency also allow to specify success_email_fromname by field
fix missing single quote in most of the language files (thanks to colinax)
allow to select multiple name fields for the sender name (astrid)
allow place holders {FIELD...} in subject lines (request by astrid)
fixed default form footer and correctly implement place holder {SUBMIT}
correct the html code in the backend template for the basic settings
offer a setting for user defined classes inside the fields and
introduce place hoder {FORMATTED_FIELD} in the field loop for that (florian, gottfried)
avoid collision of the {TEMPLATE} place holder with the template for heading fields
correctly detect if we use table layout or not for the output of headings
repair update script to add the column for the field template (colinax)
avoid multiply including the department in notification mails
trim email_to when saving basic settings
update documentation and example forms

*** 1.3.2 (Martin Hecht: 08-Dec-2016) ***
fix language files (thanks to florian for reporting)
merge Bugfix for deleting fields in backend (Dietrich Roland Pehlke: 14-Nov-2016)
added maxlength option for textareas (thanks to alexx for suggesting)
add place holder {EMAIL} within mail templates (thanks to John for suggesting)
introduce field templates to locally override the field loop if desired
support mod_opf_Email as a replacement of the classical email output filter
updated documentation in a few places and the hints in the backend
highlight missing required radio/checkbox fields (thanks to alexx for reporting)
keep uploaded files when returning to paintform (thanks to alexx for suggesting)
correctly enclose body in tags in html mails (thanks to astrid for reporting)
add more css classes for more styling flexibility (gottfried, florian)
insert newlines in xml export for better readability (request by gottfried)
insert field number in backend overview (thanks to gottfried for suggesting)

v1.3.1 (Martin Hecht: 21-Oct-2016) ***
add export for results table
introduce constants.user.php and move the defaults for the field loop there
let delete_submission.p hp also delete entries from the results table
for this, also introduce submission_id in new results tables
fix javascript bug in view_submission.php
update documentation, especially the faq page

v1.3.0 (Martin Hecht: 15-Oct-2016) ***
add icons for import/export (thanks to norbert and noname8)
correct icon in ajax drag&drop helper
use IDKEY in move-up and move-down links
use IDKEY in ajax helpers
fix typo in delete_field.php
bugfixes in move-up and move-down noscript fallback
bugfixes in ajax helpers
switch to div-layout by default (thanks to florian for insisting)
hand over submissions between the pages of a multi form page
deny access to following pages unless the previous page has been submitted
some clean up in the style files and added classes for help in div-layout
update documentation and update standard forms, update style file of docu
added French and Italian language support in pear uploader

v 1.1.23
fix query for position in upgrade script, thanks to norhei for reporting
fix drag and drop in ajax helper, thanks to florian for reporting
honor redirection_timer in ajax notifications, thanks to florian for this hint
two typo fixes in view_submissions, thanks to norhei for reporting
v 1.1.17
fix check boxes and radio buttons on windows platform

v 1.1.16
clean up form after submission

v 1.1.15
fix an ftan bug
correct the backlinks for the print_error calls
replace all old get_error calls by the use of the database class,
fix the wrong termination of checkbox and select lists in paintform
send emails only if private function before email returns true,
introduce private_function_after_email as a fallback for those who wish to send emails in any case
allow to specify a distinct value for checkboxes, radio and select
added a column position in submissions table
another fix for better handling html special chars inside options
change value_option_separator to VARCHAR for strict mode
make form submission work in strict mode (hopefully)

v 1.1.14
allow disabling fields temporarily so that you can prepare things before
making them publicly visible (feature request by dbs, thanks for this idea)

v 1.1.13
fixed row index where help message is displayed
fixed vertical alignment of help button in file upload fields, thanks to dbs

v 1.1.12
fixed permissions for file upload
display hint for file size only once on a page
move style for this hint to css file, add a missing dot in frontend.css
align field titles again to the upload input boxes
allow to select multiple files for upload in one field
thanks to dbs for testing and for the proposed feature extend

v 1.1.11
one of the previous fixes was a bit overshooting (reverting it),
thanks to dbs for reporting this bug

v 1.1.9
small bugfix (missing closing <div> )

v 1.1.8
Some bugfixes
Added French language

v 1.1.7 - Many fixes

See CHANGELOG.txt inside the modules directory for full release history

Last change 2021-11-08 21:55 UTC by dbs